The Student Development S.A.D. Lamp!

When the seasons change, so can your feelings.

As the temperature changes and daylight shifts, you may find yourself feeling sluggish, moody, or disinterested in your usual interests.

While this can be just a fleeting case of the “winter blues,” for some it’s a sign of seasonal affective disorder (sometimes abbreviated SAD). It is not unusual for students to feel this way, and may come as a surprise if you are accustomed to living in a sunnier and warmer climate, but you are not alone.

SAD lamps can (literally) brighten your day! SAD lamps like this one are used in light therapy and work by mimicking the intensity and effects of natural sunlight. So, if you want to literally brighten your day, take a seat, turn on the SAD lamp and hang out for a while!

Abstract yellow happy smiling sun icon isolated on a white background. Vector EPS 10

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