Basic Needs

Basic Needs, at its core, refers to insecurity of food, housing, clothing, period products, etc. Kalamazoo College aims to support students through programs and resources to meet their basic needs, so students can focus on academic success. The following programs are specific to campus, but there are several organizations and resources in the community that we can help you reach out to. Please reach out to Haley Mangette, Wellness and CARE Coordinator, at


  • The Hungry Hornets Meals has a fridge stocked with “to go” meals – made fresh daily and utilize food otherwise destined for compost. Available in the kitchenette in Hicks 110, these meals are designed to support students who can benefit from some extra help with their daily meals.
  • The Hungry Hornets Meal Swipe program allows students with a meal plan to donate meals they won’t use so they can be reallocated to students who could use help with food.
  • The Hungry Hornets Pantry, located in Hicks 110, is a community-based pantry that collects and distributes food.

Period Products for All People

Anyone who has periods deserves access to period products. Period Products for All People is an initiative to expand access to period products for individuals who have periods and contribute to the end of period poverty.

Individuals can find period products inside the stalls of all bathrooms in Hicks Student Center.


Check to see if your textbook is an Open Educational Resource- What are OERs? – Guide to OER: Open Educational Resources.