Welcome Jerome!

Please meet Jerome, our 16” tall gnome. He greets you warmly from his orange stool as you enter the Student Development Office.  

Dressed head to toe in Kalamazoo College logo attire, Jerome’s true passion lies in baking and sharing cookies with students. As the sweet aroma wafts through the hallway, he becomes a culinary wizard, creating delightful treats for the young minds excited to learn and grow. With an tiny apron and an infectious ‘gnome’ smile, Jerome turns every batch into a gesture of warmth and encouragement.  

In this little corner of Student Development, Jerome becomes not just a gnome but a source of sweetness, making the college experience a little more delightful one cookie at a time. 

5 thoughts on “Welcome Jerome!

  1. Louise, this is totally awesome! You may have to start a cottage industry of K gnomes to sell in the Bookstore! ~then Jerome can remind students of his warmth and encouragement in their dorm rooms or at home! 🙂

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