Office of Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement is responsible for programming and initiatives related to intercultural student life, leadership development, outdoor programs, student activities, AOD education, sexual violence prevention, and student organizations.


The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) supports the College’s mission and provides students with opportunities to better understand, lead, and successfully live within an increasingly diverse and complex world. To this end, we work with students to develop and implement a variety of engaging, fun, and reflective learning experiences through outdoor adventures, campus events, student organizations, and other learning opportunities.


We aim to accomplish this through the following goals:

  • Provide opportunities for creative expression, social interaction, and active participation.
  • Incorporate student voices into the work we do.
  • Encourage students to engage in co-curricular learning opportunities to bolster growth and development.
  • Use evidence-based practices and data-informed decisions to guide the work we do.
  • Engage in regular evaluation and continual assessment to ensure program evolution and improvement and best meet current student needs.

Fundamental Values

These are the fundamental values our professional and student staff understand, cherish, and strive towards on a daily basis in our work within the K community.

  1. Be solution(s) oriented
  2. Be good stewards of K resources
  3. Dream big and work effectively to make dreams a reality
  4. Engage in continuous improvement
  5. Assess, evaluate, & reflect
  6. Think diversely always, in all ways
  7. Be clear, complete, compassionate, & effective in all forms of communication


Brian Dietz

Brian T. Dietz, Ph.D.

Associate Dean of Students, Director of Student Involvement and the Hicks Student Center


Jory Horner

Director of Outdoor Programs

Milan Levy

Program Coordinator


Haley Mangette

Welness & CARE Coordinator

Jess Port

Assistant Director of Outdoor Programs

Sally Read, PhD

Associate Director Of Student Involvement

Louise Tennant-Filkins

Louise Tennant-Filkins

Office Coordinator