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Leprechaun Spotting: BUS 220

Students in Econ 220 with Jerome

One sunny day, as the students of BUS 220: Principles of Marketing eagerly gathered for their big day, they were in for a surprise. Unbeknownst to them, Jerome the Leprechaun gnome had decided to pay a visit to their class. This particular term promised to be extraordinary, for the students were to present their marketing […]

Leprechaun Spotting: Welles Dining Hall

Jerome the leprechaun gnome, with his emerald green hat and mischievous twinkle in his eye, made his way up the stairs from Student Development. Today, his path led him to the bustling dining hall, where Miss Flo and the rest of the Parkhurst team worked tirelessly to feed hungry students and staff.  As Jerome entered […]

Leprechaun Spotting: Student Development

In the enchanting office of Student Development, where each day brings new challenges and triumphs, today, there’s a unique character who adds a touch of magic to the routine – Jerome, the Leprechaun working diligently at the front desk. “Shamrock and Roll” Jerome is not your average front desk attendant. From assisting students with a […]

“Leprechaun” on the Loose

Jerome transformed for the month of March into a mischievous little leprechaun, sporting a jaunty green hat. With a spring in his step, he moves, leaving a trail of luck and laughter in his wake. His beard, is neatly groomed, adding to his charming demeanor. Jerome-turned-leprechaun is known for his penchant for riddles, his infectious […]

New Sewing Repair Program: Kickoff Event, February 23rd

Need a hole repaired in your jeans? Or a dress hemmed? “Sew What?” has got you covered. Sew What? offers easy clothing repairs to students. This includes: Join us, February 23rd from 3 to 4:45 p.m. and bring your item! We encourage you to fill out the request form prior to attending, but we also […]

The Student Development S.A.D. Lamp!

When the seasons change, so can your feelings. As the temperature changes and daylight shifts, you may find yourself feeling sluggish, moody, or disinterested in your usual interests. While this can be just a fleeting case of the “winter blues,” for some it’s a sign of seasonal affective disorder (sometimes abbreviated SAD). It is not […]

Welcome Jerome!

Please meet Jerome, our 16” tall gnome. He greets you warmly from his orange stool as you enter the Student Development Office.   Dressed head to toe in Kalamazoo College logo attire, Jerome’s true passion lies in baking and sharing cookies with students. As the sweet aroma wafts through the hallway, he becomes a culinary wizard, […]


The K CARE Team is a collaborative, multidisciplinary group that works together to identify, assess, and support community members who are struggling or are engaging in concerning behaviors. Our goal is to intervene, assist, and provide comprehensive support to students experiencing challenges and/or exhibiting threatening or concerning behaviors. Anyone can make a referral to the […]