How to Get Involved in Campus Decisions

Student involvement in decision-making is essential to the life of Kalamazoo College. “Involvement” includes a range of things – making final decisions, providing advice and input, offering recommendations, and expressing preferences. All are valuable to the College.

The Council of Student Representatives and The Student Funding Board are central decision-makers for the student body on issues ranging from topics for campus forum discussions to funding for student organizations to campus events and activities.

Other venues for student involvement in decision-making

Standing Committees/Groups

  • Appeal Board
  • Athletics Advisory Committee
  • Athletic Leadership Council
  • Campus Climate Committee
  • Civic Engagement Scholars
  • Community Council
  • Dining Committee
  • Diversity Advisory Committee
  • Educational Policies Committee
  • Experiential Education Committee
  • Information Services Advisory Committee
  • Lillian Anderson Arboretum Advisory Committee
  • Peer Health Advisors
  • Student Conduct Hearing Panel
  • Student Health Center Advisory Committee
  • Student Life Advisory Committee
  • Student Safety Advisory Committee


  • Baccalaureate Planning Committee
  • Junior Graduation Committee
  • Senior Graduation Committee

Ad Hoc Committees – current and recent examples

  • Alcohol Task Force
  • ACSJL Steering Committee
  • ACSJL Building Project
  • Athletics Field Complex Renovation Committee
  • Bottled Water Committee
  • Campus Climate Commitment Task Force
  • Campus Master Planning Task Force
  • Fitness Center/Natatorium Building Project
  • Food Policy Committee
  • Football Task Force
  • Hicks Center Renovation Committee
  • LandSea Leader Selection Committee
  • Reaccreditation Steering Committee and Working Groups
  • Strategic Planning Committees
  • Student Code of Conduct Review Committee
  • Search Committees (ASCJL Executive and Academic Directors, Registrar, Director of LandSea, Career Counselor as recent examples)


  • Peer Leaders
  • Resident Assistants
  • Career Associates
  • CIP Peer Advisors
  • Student Chaplains and Interns
  • Student Conduct Advisors
  • Summer Campus Climate Fellows
  • Sustainability Interns
  • Trustee Meeting Student Representatives

Student Commission Committees

  • Athletics
  • Educational Policies Committee
  • Experiential Education Committee
  • Joint Committee on Student Organization and Recognition
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Trustee Communication

Student Commission committees change often in response to identified needs and concerns.

Other less formal ways of students providing input include voting on campus movies and bands, completing program/activity evaluation forms, completing campus surveys, and participating in campus forums. Additionally, the KCCSR Executive Committee meets regularly with the President, Dean of Students, and Assistant Dean of Students to share information and advice.

Interested in becoming involved with decision-making at K? Feel free to contact offices/departments mentioned above or KCCSR. If you’re not sure where to start, Student Development can help point you in the right direction.