Smoking and Prohibited Smoking Accessories

Philosophy Statement

In the interest of providing a safe and healthy environment for students, employees, and visitors, Kalamazoo College supports the spirit and legal requirements of the Michigan Clean Indoor Air Act and the protection that legislation affords nonsmokers. We trust that our faculty, staff, and students will work together in all campus facilities to insure clean air for those who choose not to smoke or be subjected to the health hazards of secondhand smoke. The policy is motivated by an interest in maintaining clean air in and near campus facilities, and is also required as part of our LEED certification for the Hicks Center. Thank you for your help in maintaining a clean and healthy campus.

Policy Statement

No tobacco products, no electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), or non-published merchandise promoting the use of tobacco products will be sold on College grounds. Smoking (including but not limited to tobacco, e-cigs, and vaping) is prohibited inside campus buildings and within 25 feet of the perimeter of campus buildings or of occupied walkways. Smoking accessories prohibited, including, but not limited to, pipes, bongs, hookahs, and blunts.